The Nuvo Experience

Serious About Music

NuVo whole home audio systems guarantee an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions specially designed to match incredible fidelity with the latest in streaming source variety and intuitive control. Easy to install, easier to enjoy, NuVo systems are the perfect fit for any home.

A Focus on the Consumer


NuVo makes it affordable. NuVo makes multi-source, multi-zone home audio distribution more affordable than it's ever been.

With prices starting as low as some single-source home audio systems, NuVo is making advanced home audio more obtainable than ever. 


NuVo makes it easy. Because NuVo packages our systems complete, it's easy to choose exactly what you need to start enjoying

the full benefits of advanced home sound. Installation is simple, and NuVo's modular system design mean future upgrades are easy to manage.

Home never sounded so good