The Nuvo NV-P300 Player Preamplifier is a versatile addition to the Player Portfolio, ideal for introducing incredible source flexibility and superior audio to maximize an external power amplifier's capabilities.  by connecting the speakers of your choice and hitting play on your Apple or Android device. Now listen and enjoy.

  • Provides access to streaming Internet Radio from services like Pandora and Napster, as well as to content stored on networked drives, mobile devices, or computers
  • Connects wirelessly or by Ethernet to the home network for seamless integration into Nuvo Player Portfolio systems
  • Mini-TOSLINK fiber optic digital input and output for integration with A/V receivers or Home Theater systems, enabling the highest possible audio performance
  • Attractive contemporary industrial design discreetly fits into small spaces
  • Includes two Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK adapters
  • Support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, & Portuguese.


P300 Specifications


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