Wired Audio systems 

Where Music Matches Life

No matter your style or musical taste, NuVo has the perfect audio system to match. Through meticulous attention to design, our audio engineers have created life-oriented sound systems to deliver your music to you with the exceptional sound clarity of a live listening experience. "It's about each and every detail of the music, from the thunder of that low B string on a five-string electric bass to the subtleties or not-so-subtleties of the cymbals in the drum kit," explains Brian Dotson, Senior Project Engineer. With over 1,000 recognized world instruments, NuVo strives to perfect the reproduction of each and every one.

And precision is only part of a NuVo system. The rest is unleashing your music wherever you want, whenever you want. Our professionally installed systems deliver hundreds of thousands of Internet Radio Stations, content from your iPod, music stored on your computer and more - and come in several designs to meet the specific needs of your home as well as your listening preferences, with different variations of room coverage and power. This magic happens out of sight too, with equipment concealed out-of-view and wiring hidden in the walls. All you see are elegant, wall-mounted and hand-held controls. All you hear is bliss.



You deserve the ultimate listening experience. NuVo's Concerto audio system is a tour de force, delivering the best of Internet Radio, any album saved to your computer, your iPod and more. Known affectionately as NuVo's "masterpiece", this elegant system features the most superb sound experience and whole-home flexibility, thanks to a whopping eighty watts of power and sixteen possible listening zones. This system can rock every inch of your home with endless variety of your favorite music. What else would you expect from an ingenious design created by engineers who love music just as much as you do?



Essentia is the talented little sister of the Concerto, with a not-so-small power output of 40 watts in every zone. Smartly combining your love for music variety with your energy-conscious lifestyle. Essentia blasts startlingly clear high-fidelity sound throughout up to twelve separate areas of your home. And with unlimited music options, the only hard part will be choosing what you want to listen to first. It’s truly a world-class design with a plethora of options, customizing easily for your home and listening preferences.



The name says it all. Simplese is simple to use – and remarkably affordable. This music system was designed to fit just right, for multi-room audio desired in just a few rooms or up to eight zones of your home. At the same time, it offers four different selections of music, so whether you want to listen to your multi-disk CD player or your Satellite TV, Simplese makes it possible, easily.


Wa40 In-wall amplifier

The age of chalkboards and world globes has passed, and NuVo has the perfect solution for even the most modern classroom's audio needs.WA40, a 40-watt in-wall amplifier, supplying ample power and crisp, clear sound. The In-Wall Amplifier is ideal for delivering audio on its own or enhancing the use of Smartboards and video equipment. Two hard-wired rear source inputs, as well as two convenient front inputs for easy additions to the system, keep things flexible, while the system's portable IR controller keeps the professor in command from any corner of the room. Also including two wall-mount speakers, the In-Wall Amplifier system is the most complete, affordable, and user-friendly audio answer in the classroom (and other light commercial applications).