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Enjoy thousands of free Internet radio stations and millions of songs from Pandora, iTunes and more. Sing along to your iPod anywhere in your home. Play any of your personal music collection directly from the computer it's stored on. We make it so easy to listen to your music however you want, and from any album or station you choose.

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FAM_FRONT.jpgFAM_BACK.jpgDual Tuner (T2FAM)

No matter how many music options we're given, we still have to tune-in to your local AM/FM stations. The advanced-design of NuVo's two-in-one tuner offers access to your broadcast stations anytime and anywhere, and in two places at once. Imagine this: you can listen to a local match up in the family room, while the latest rock station is playing on the patio. Two stations at once. What's not to love?

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T2 FAM Tuner Specs

NV-T2FAM                                                                                                     RRP $1,399.00


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